Agency Adoption in Utah

Agency Adoption in Utah

A lot of people are looking into the adoption process. These include those who want to adopt and those considering giving up a baby for adoption. Both are covered by family law. There are several adoption options in Utah but with varying requirements and benefits. 

A married couple dealing with infertility or unsuccessful pregnancies can choose to adopt as long as there is the consent of both spouses. An unmarried individual may also become a single parent by adopting a baby. Furthermore, LGBT families and same-sex couples may become adoptive families as long as they meet certain marital requirements. However, unmarried cohabitating couples cannot adopt a child.

Adoption laws on newborn or infant adoption involve a complicated legal process. The type of adoption services opted for will determine the specific adoption requirements that must be met. The legal rights of all parties involved in adoption must be considered.

 Agency AdoptionAspiring adoptive parents may choose to adopt children through different means. An expectant mother, for example, may choose to place the baby with a would-be adoptive family. This is referred to as independent private adoption. In such an adoption placement, the adopting parents develop a personal relationship with the birth mother (or even the birth father, in some instances). However, privately adopting a baby require responsibility and work. One must work very closely with an experienced adoption attorney to be able to prepare the paperwork and fill out adoption forms. In some instances, an adoptive child may also have trouble adjusting if he or she did not get the required adoption counseling.

While some benefit more from this process of adoption, most birth parents and those who want to adopt a baby opt to work with an adoption agency.

When adopting children through an agency, the adoptive parent need not worry about scouting acquaintances, distant friends, or even family members and relatives for potential leads. They also do not need to advertise their family or screen potential birth parents themselves. 

Agency adoption eliminates any unwanted consequences of direct contact between the parties involved, especially before placement. Also, even without direct contact, adoptive parents can ensure that the would-be birth parent receives the support she needs.

A licensed adoption agency can assist to ensure that the process of adoption is safe, legal, and ethical. For these reasons, an agency adoption often takes a much shorter time than a private one.

Some parents looking for an adopted child opt for agency adoption since most agencies offer adoption counseling and support to both parties. Some provide financial assistance to would-be birth mothers and financial protection to prospective adoptive parents. Coordination and references to adoption professionals (such as home studies) are also usually covered. While agency adoption is not the cheapest, doing so has its benefits. Going through an agency ensures adoption assistance and services that make the process of adopting a child faster.

Adoption agencies will usually include an open adoption requirement. This means that adoptive parents must prepare to share contact information with the birth parents of their adopted children after placement. The frequency and type of post-placement contact would likely be determined by the birth mother. Adoptive parents are expected to be open to a specific level of contact, which could range from emails, phone calls, texts, or, in some instances, even in-person visits. Such is often seen as highly beneficial to all parties involved in the adoption.

There are also cases where the birth parents will opt for a closed adoption. This is often chosen by a birth mother who does not wish to have any form of contact with her child and the adoptive parents post-placement. Such is often preferred by those who can move forward easier from adoption with a clean break.

In an ideal world, a forever family must be given to every child. Learning how to adopt is not an easy process, but it enables children to find a nurturing and loving family. If you are considering adoption, an adoption lawyer can help you with the different types, paperwork, and agency adoption information you need to know. Contact us at Waldron Law Group for more information.

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